I'm Just K

Web Developer and transhuman

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Hi there, my name is K, yes, just K!

By day I'm part of the digital team for WWF-UK, and by night/weekends I watch movies, go to the gym, play games, sometimes do some web development and sleep.


I was born in England, one of the not so pleasent areas of East Anglia to be precise.

I was a weird kid and ended up an even weirder adult, having been part of a few different sub-cultures. My mum loves 80s pop and new-wave and my dad is a metal head, so I grew up with a pretty awesome soundtrack. I got a slipknot album for my 12th birthday and that started my foray into exploring the more extreme side of metal, going from classic metal, to numetal, death and finally going through a huge black metal phase when I was about 16-18. When I left collage I was a little jaded with the metal community, at the time it was pretty macho, and phobic of just about anything it was possible to be phobic about, so I started seeking something different and started dabbling in the goth community, starting with the some girls wander by mistake ep I had on my stack to listen to for ages.

I quickly became part of the goth sub-culture and all the various music genres that comprise it, goth rock, darkwave etc, but realised at about 24/25 that I didn't really like that community either, looking back now I think it was a problem with me being part of the London scene at that time, which is probably the most toxic scene in the country.

I don't really belong to any sub-culture/community now, I guess im kind of the fringes of goth and cyberpunk (if you could even say there is a sub-culture around the cyberpunk genre).

I used to be a massive gamer, from the ages of about 11-20 I played everything I could get my hands on, I remember going down to "Snaks'R'Us" on a Friday after school, spending pocket money on cheap, out of date goodies and wrecking through the latest RPG or FPS. However university wasnt great for my mental wellbeing and I pretty much lost all passion for a bunch of things, but especially games.

Since then I have owned a PS4 and switch, pretty much just playing the bigger AAA games, with a smattering of indie games inbetween, but nothing like I used too.

I am however currently using a service called ShadowPC whilst considering whether or not to build a gaming pc, I think PC was always the platform I enjoyed most, but due to my living situation, whether I'm going to get one or not is up in the air.

I really like movies, my favourite genres being Horror and Sci-fi, even better if those two genres are present in one movie. I'm currently working out a backup plan for my movies, CEX is such a great place to go wild for DVDs.