The last few weeks I've been transfering all my emails/accounts from one Gmail to another, unsubscribed from 99% of my newsletters and got to inbox 0 for both.

Feels good.

Up until this point my thoughts on FF7R were "I love it, but it didn't didn't need to be remade", but after I've realised what the plot twist is, it's now "I need the other installments now".

Not much to report! Watched all of sugar rush (first time watching it, felt like such a teen, loved it), Friday night dinner (lovely bit of squirrel) and Feel Good. And a lot of arrow, which wilst incredibly formulaic, is quite fun the second time around.

Just discovered the world of Casio watch modifications. Haven't worn a watch in probably 15 years but I really want to do it. The cyberpunk alternative to building a light saber